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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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let's find out how the weather is looking i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas and it is called the forecast. good morning i'm meteorologist mike nicco.
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clouds along the coast into the bay and north bay valleys have lifted just a little compared to earlier this morning, the fog not as thick still cloudy through 7:00 at the coast mostly cloudy noon temperatures into the 60s. sunny spots during the afternoon hours and temperatures in the low to mid 60s. if you are heading around the bay today, starting off with mostly cloudy conditions, 50s, hazy by noon, low 60s to low 70s by 4:00, a lot of sun upper 60s to upper 70s inland the warmest weather today, starting off in the 40s and 50s, make it up to the 70s near 80 by noon upper 70s to upper 80s by 4:00. if your takes you through 80 berkeley this is a live shot past golden gate fields towards the macarthur maze a little sluggish in company there, a lot of company, no major slow downs, as you head westbound.
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when you funnel into the bay bridge toll, metering lights off, minor delay for cash paying folks into san francisco. new information on the breaking news we've been following overseas. just getting word from the pentagon it sending marine reinforcements to libya after deadly attacks there. the man who made the online movie that sparked that violence in libya and egypt is a 56-year-old israeli filmmaker based in california. he has gone into hiding. the movie insults islam's provefest -- profitt mohammed, -- just getting new information on chris stevens he was born and raised in northern california according to -- he went to piedmont high graduated and from uc berkeley and then uc hastings law in
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san francisco. deep bay area roots for the american ambassador to libya who was killed. more on stevens' death at 6:30. developing news from the city of alameda, firefighters put out a fire in a duplex crews say there were chevy flames from the rear of the build -- [ inaudible ] . [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: you have to hand it to apple they know how to launch a product so much speculation. everybody is excited about this announcement that is
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going to be coming here at yerba buena gardens, 10:00 this morning. we know a few things that aren't going to be in the phone. take a look at pictures if you click on the maps' icon in the new software, no google maps. instead apple's own 3-d voice-guided navigation software will be there that is because apple and google aren't getting along. >> there's enough friction that apple felt like hit to map the entire world so it wouldn't be dependent on one of their biggest competitors. >> reporter: youtube app also disappearing youtube owned by google samsung not best friends with apple involved in a second patent lawsuit won't be using samsung memory chips. there seems to be consensus, slightly thinner, larger
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screen, two-tone body available in black and white, price of $600 the best guess shipping around the 21st of this month. a lot of speculation we'll know for sure 10:00 this morning when the full announcement is may here. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. -- >> looking forward to that more news 6:05. national championship air races get reno today. organizers have installed new safeguards in the wake of last year's tragedy. a 74-year-old pilot from florida lost control of his world war ii p-51 and slammed into the stands, more than 500 miles an hour, the crash killed 10, as well as the pilot this year the changes include moving the racing pylons around the course additional 150 feet away from the fans. four foot high concrete wall installed front of the grandstands and some of the tighter turns on the course have been widened.
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san jose city leaders will consider an ordinance today that will give the city power to shutdown medical marijuana dispensaries that skip out on taxes. finance department report shows after of san jose's 150 eight dispensaries -- 158 dispensaries have neglected to pay part or all of tax. the amount is around a million to three million dollars. new this morning, palo alto new crime numbers show residental burglaries at five year high. residents have reported 151 this year, 2 last month. the palo alto police department says it is not clear fit is the start of a new crime trend or an lism some residents say they are afraid to be -- an or an anomaly. some residents say they are afraid to be in their homes.
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take a look at this new sketch, perhaps this will help described as a 60-year-old woman who went by the name gail. call the coroner's office if you recognize her. san francisco's ethics commission approved written findings that suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi committed official misconduct, related to domestic violence charges involving his wife. city's board of supervisors will make the final decision to either remove mirkarimi from office or reinstate him. mirkarimi is asking the decision be postponed until after november election. his lawyer says politics could play into the board's decision. board of trustees for san francisco city college will ask a trustee from the state to help it keep its accreditation. it was revealed in june the accreditation commission found city college is spending too much money and is calling for
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cuts in order for the college to keepe running. >> mike's forecast is being offered at a deep, deep;d discount today so don't worry about that. >> really! looking pretty good. sunshine for sale, bargain prices. good morning. area of high pressure expanded while were you sleeping dominating our weather and why clouds are so low to the ground sinking air compressing marine layer pulling drier air into the forecast more sunshine out at the coast today than yesterday. 50s clouds just about everywhere except east bay valleys and south bay, starting to see a little uptick, sun bay inland by noon. 4:00 sunshine just about everywhere clouds lingering at the coast, 60 two near 80 bay, mid 80s still warm inland 4:00 more comfortable by 7:00, 77
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inland, 69 bay, 60 at the coast. next three days are the warmest in the forecast, low to mid 90s inland, low to mid 80s bay, warmest and brightest tomorrow at the coast we will make a run at 70, drop into the mid 60s friday and saturday here's sue with traffic. good morning. vollmer camera you can see clear this is 24 headed from 680 towards lafayette and orinda headed westbound snaking an towards the caldecott tunnel, moving nicely. elsewhere san rafael southbound 101 past lucas valley road heading to central san rafael looking good. big reveal this morning 10:00 year year gardens, third, -- yerba buena gardens, third, fourth, expect a lot of traffic as apple is revealing with whatever it is revealing.
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a lot of speculation, we'll see. >> the mystery is what is exciting. new this morning, the anti-wrinkle products the fda is threatening toe takeoff shelves. holiday shopping season is just a few months away, but, the new prediction offering hope to the nation's retailers now. later, could it be will and kate plus one? the new pregnancy speculation among royal watchers.
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good morning:13. live picture of coit tower in -- san francisco still showing the red, white and blue from yesterday's anniversary of the september 11th attacks. just a few clouds over san francisco, the case around the bay mike says we are going to clear up and turn up the warmth a little. details on the forecast in your neighborhood, coming up. new this morning, good news for retailers getting ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season. new forecast says sales should jump 3.3% we know it is early, already retailers are getting geared up. shopper track says the jump is part of an overall improving trend. sales have been up all year and holiday shopping season usually counts for their of annual sales for retailers. the fda is sending a new warning to cosmetics giant
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l'oreal. the french company is going too far with claims about anti-wrinkle products officials say marketing suggests they affect the way the human body works if true would require them to be classify as drugs. fda threatening halt sales if l'oreal doesn't make changes. we showed you coit tower. earlier this morning it was obscured. as we look towards mount diablo from vollmer peak having a hard time climbing over the east bay hills into the valleys clear area there, clear area in the south bay, i don't think the clouds will hang around long today because they are thin beautiful picture there of 24, lights coming in towards the city we'll talk to sue and find out if there's any hot spots. you need windshield wipers driving through the clouds, no organized areas of rain or
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drizzle from the clouds just too thin. 52 santa rosa, 57 in redwood city, mountain view and antioch. monterey bay same cloud cover same temperatures mid 50s. today sunshine even out to the coast and temperatures close to average, warmest afternoons thursday and friday, slow cooling trend for saturday, sunday and monday, holding stead nynex week. today compared to average warm her in livermore by four degrees. napa and san jose 83 where we should be oakland and redwood city 74 and 80, san francisco 68. cloud cover thickest in the north bay and around the bay from now to 9:00 then starting to peel back from the east and the south back to the coast by noon and afternoon pockets of sun develop more sun at the coast than yesterday.
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south bay, mainly low to mid 80s today, milpitas 79, los gatos 87. temperatures in the mid 70s to low 80s for most of the peninsula today. mid 60s along the coast. near 70 downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. mid 60s beaches in north bay, about 15 to 20° warmer valleys. 72 berkeley, most of us mid to upper 70s east bay shore mid 80s to 90 as you head into the east bay valleys, a few 80s hollister, gilroy, morgan hill. mid 60s monterey and carmel. tonight most clouds at the coast the rest of us clear, 50s. thursday and friday warmest inland top out mid 90s, mid 80s bay, 70 tomorrow with warmest temperatures at the coast. sunday through tuesday, four to 10° cooler than today and tomorrow. good morning. live to walnut creek, pleasant
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hill concord through walnut creek towards highway 24, few taillights, brake lights especially 24 junction traffic flowing nicely to dublin pleasanton to the san ramon corridor no delays. metering lights on, what a difference they make now backed beyond the overcrossing into san francisco sluggish incline section into the city as well through ti out of antioch, slow towards highway on highway 4 hillcrest into concord area 242 beginning too slow less than 10 minutes past hillcrest into that section of concord. drive times 80 carquinez bridge into the maze, 20 minutes. 101 san jose, 85280, 10 minutes. altamont pass starting to slow -- through tracy up and over the altamont into livermore. what the former kate
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middleton now we should call her the duchess of cambridge did during her international tour sparking new pregnancy rumors. he's a golf legend with seven champship titles the new honor today for arnold palmer. i like to score
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good morning. 6:23. you see some of the fog and low clouds might be has been talking about. says it will burn off and he'll tell you how nice day you have to look forward to coming up in a few minutes. new speculation the prince and the duchess may be expecting. the couple is on a 10-day international tour. the first stop brought them to singapore that's what you are looking at where kate was caught giving a toast with water instead of wine. bob wood duff is traveling with the royal couple -- bob woodruff is traveling with the royal couple. reminds me when she didn't have the peanut butter offered
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many months ago. >> we'll see how it turns out. 6:24. hockey fans getting anxious nhl collective bargaining agreement expires saturday there could be a lockout. s are back in the bay area ready for training camp. -- the nhl and player's social staying away from the negotiating table, discussions have taken place behind the scenes in an effort to restart the talks as the lockout deadline looms. arnold palmer receiving high honor today, the congressional gold medal. the ceremony to recognize palmer for his achievements in golf and civic contributions he has won six pga tours, seven championship titles, he celebrates his 83rd birthday monday. still ahead, getting our
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first look at the gunman involved in a deadly shooting at a milpitas 7-eleven. new images just released. tipping to follow breaking news from libya. bay area native working overseas is killed in a rocket attack. firefighters in alameda had a fire to put out this morning. a paralyzed man needed saving. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have that story coming up. here's a look at high temperatures, 90s creeping into the east bay valleys, most of us in the 80s inland, 70s bay, mid to near 70 coast to san francisco more sunshine during the afternoon, fog breaking through high plains upper mid service, 60s and self -- midwest, 60s and 70s there [ inaudible ]
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metering lights on traffic backed beyond the west grand overcrossing and a new
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good morning this is a wednesday at 6:30 you are looking at a live picture of the fog, some of the clouds we see when we have a high above view we at mount diablo the east i still remember my directions from school. we want clarification from mike what is going to happen with those clouds this morning. thanks for joining us. >> kristen sze, eric thomas piece of string in the sun you can find your way anywhere like the weather center where mike is. good morning of the only way you will need windshield wipers is if you drive into the clouds and mist hanging in the air there is no drizzle and no rain from the clouds. clouds at the coast 50s right now, mostly cloudy by noon upper 50s to low 60s, brightest during the afternoon when you will reach your highs of low to mid 60s.
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in the bay area today, starting off mostly cloudy, 50s, hazy but sunny by noon low 60s to low 70s warmest 4:00 upper 60s to upper 70s most of the clouds now north bay inland valleys, 50s, quick sunshine mid 70s to low 80s lunchtime, by 4:00, upper 70s to upper 80s. time for traffic. good morning. now to the south bay, first reports of debris in lanes south 880 before 237 a car hit a pallet in lanes now debris is scattered all over the road you can see sensors picking up slow traffic on the transition from southbound -- drive times heading out now the san mateo 880 to 101 less than 15 minutes, southbound to marin into marin county, 580 off the altamont slowing into livermore. we are continuing to
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follow breaking news overnight. we are hearing this morning that president obama and secretary of state clinton will hold a news conference or at least will speak in a few minutes from washington we'll bring that to you live. for the first time since 1979 a u.s. ambassador has been killed obvious cease, this time he's a bay area native. katie marzullo -- killed overseas, this time he's a bay area native. >> reporter: i have video of ambassador chris stevens in an introduction video when he became ambassador in may of this year. i'm going to lay that in just a second. first i'll explain whats what happened overnight. members of a radical islamic group stormed the u.s. embassy in -- >> growing up in california i didn't know much about the arab world. then after graduating from the university of california at berkeley, i traveled to north africa as a piece corp volunteer. i worked as an -- as a peace corps volunteer.
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i worked in morocco two years and quickly grew to love this part of the world. >> reporter: that was the online video on youtube that you heard. stevens we've learned this morning, 50-years-old, he went to piedmont high, uc berkeley and thankses law. this morning one of the other victims identified foreign service information management officer shawn smith. smith was the husband and father of two who joined the department 10 years ago. state department still making next of kin notifications for the other two individuals killed overseas. while were you giving that report we got word in that the news conference or the statement that the president will give will be taking place at 7:35 this morning, our time from the rose garden. this will be covered life during "good morning america." you want to be sure to stay tuned. in the bay area developing news from alameda, overnight fire has left more than a out of their -- more than a dozen
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out of their homes. >> reporter: firefighters think they know where the fire started but don't know why. look at size. this is video by a man who lives in the building, he took this as he was escaping from the burning building. fires believe it started in the backyard and spread up the entire side of this two story building up on to the roof. when they got here, they were not only busy trying to fight the fire they also had to save a man who is paralyzed and couldn't get him -- get himself out. >> once i got here i saw them taking the person out that unit. i understand he was not injured. not of the 15 were injured. >> reporter: residents were able to run in and retrieve some essential items after the fire was put out. we saw some firefighters lending a hand and carrying out clothes for people.
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they are not going to be able to stay here. there are four units in this building and fires say they are all damaged. the red cross has been helping. fires in alameda say they got the call 1:00 this morning to come to pacific at chestnut. it took an hour to knock this out and get everyone out safely. now investigators are going to focus on try to figure out why this fire started. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:35. all eyes on apple today expected to announce what the newest iphone will look like. apple has set up a news conference for 10:00 this morning at yerba buena center. the new phone might be called the iphone 5, rumors say it could have a longer screen and could be thinner. the ipod touch and other apple products could also get makeovers. analysts don't expect an announcement today about a new
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mini ipad. trading underway on wall street. investors keeping a close eye on facebook following zucker better's first public comments since taking his company public. he spoke yesterday about facebook's ipo at a conference in san francisco. he didn't apologize for the 50% drop in the company's share price. he admitted facebook needs to focus more on mobile users where they are putting their attention. facebook stock is up on his words about a dollar, $20.60. stay with the morning news, coming up in 10 minutes, we'll go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange. milpitas police released photos of three suspects wanted in connection with a weekend murder of a convenience store clerk. pictures are from store surveillance at the 7-eleven on north milpitas boulevard. they show three suspects who
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entered the store last saturday, two had their faces covered. the fairs of the -- the face of the third suspect is clearly visible. an employee was shot and killed during the robbery, he -- he was the -- it was the first homicide of the year in milpitas. federal investigators told richmond city council last night chevron failed to inspect a pipe that sparked a huge fire for the firms time the chemical safety board released -- for the first time the chemical safety board released a video showing a vapor cloud before the fire on august 6th. right now a break from that story for a special report. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. good morning. breaking in now secretary of state hillary clinton is about to speak on the violence in libya.
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were you watching that abc news special report about the death of the u.s. ambassador in libya, christopher stevens. of course president obama will speak in an hour from the rose garden, gma will carry that live. >> right now weather. clouds this morning, there are delays at fo? >> 53 minute flight arrival delays at sfo. good morning. oakland and san jose on time thickest fog now napa 3/4 mile visibility. 2 1/2 mile visibility at half moon bay. these visibilities have improved over the last couple of hours as the air is starting to thin out a little high pressure compressing marine layer that's why we have so much cloud cover this morning many sunny bay inland by noon warmest mid 70s around the bay to near 80 inland still a lot of cloud cover cool at the coast mid 50s 4:00
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sun develop at the coast, 62, mid 80s inland. mostly sunny conditions, 77 during the evening hours for our inland neighborhoods, 69 around the bay, 60s as warp as it gets at the coast at 7:00. thursday, friday warmest mid 90s inland, mid 80s bay tomorrow will be the warmest day at the coast. by the time we get to saturday, temperatures drop two to four degrees. good morning. we are headed to 80 westbound through berkeley bumper-to-bumper moving but slowly into the macarthur maze. here's the toll plaza, metering lights on traffic jammed past the overcrossing sluggish upper deck into san francisco. problem spot in the south bay before 237 southbound 880, a car struck a wooden pallet
6:42 am
that splintered all over the road we have debris in lanes slow approaching that scene. don't forget, big reveal, yerba buena center, very slow traffic expected around the center there around -- before 10:00 this morning, third, fourth, howard, mission that entire area expect delays if you are coming into downtown san francisco. straight ahead, we are waiting a statement from secretary of state clinton on the death of the u.s. ambassador to libya, a man who is a bay area native with a lot of ties. >> other clinton on the road. the battleground state president obama is sending the former president to this week as he tries to win key support. >> the bus tour brings the u.s. secretary of education to the bay area today.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. sunshine around the bay towards the coast mid 60s to 68 in san francisco, 70s mainly around the bay shore, 80s to a few 90s inland in the east bay valleys.
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isolated chance of thunderstorm around yosemite at 92. 5 tahoe, 68 big sur morning clouds give way to afternoon sun. 77 san diego, 80 win in l.a.. 6:47. josh elliot has a look at what is coming up -- >> good wednesday morning. coming up hit man for hire the accountant who allegedly hired someone to attack his wife and tried to write it off as a business expense. inside a bizarre plan police say was years in the making, next on "good morning america." >> that comes up in just about 13 minutes. also waiting for a special report from secretary of state clinton about the attacks in libya. >> the white house says president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have reaffirmed the two countries are united in
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their determination to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. president obama spoke with netanyahu by known last night for about an hour. the discussion came after reports from israeli sources that the white house denied a requested meeting with the israeli leader. the white house said that was not true a meeting was never discussed. the two spoke about threat posed by iran's nuclear program and other security issues. former president clinton will be back on the campaign trail he appeared yesterday in miami and told the crowd president obama is the best person to defend medicare. today he's scheduled to appear in orlando. clinton's appearances this week come on the heels of his speech last week at the democratic national convention. this morning education secretary around any duncan is in the bay area -- secretary around any duncan is in the bay area his third annual back-to-school bus tour. duncan will be in redwood city at 9:00 where students plan to
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show him a music video. bay area companies filling who are than 300 positions during today's job fair sponsored by abc7 and job journal at hotel wickham on market in san francisco from noon to 4:00 today. details at under see it on tv. 6:49. time for a check on the weather. fog north bay valleys and along the coast even that is starting to lift. beautiful picture it makes this morning from mount tamalpais sun coming up over the thin marine layer hanging around the bay this morning. very thin because high pressure -- i'm going to watch this, high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere, that an yes, sir you may need windshield wipers when you drive through those clouds.
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satellite and radar pretty much clear as far as wet weather once again no organized areas of drizzle or rain from that thin marine layer, 50s now everywhere even around the monterey bay in your inland neighborhoods. today we'll have sunshine near normal for the afternoon, warmest tomorrow and friday, followed with slow cooling saturday, sunday and monday santa rosa 83 the same as yesterday. 68 in san francisco, 87 concord, two degrees warmer than yesterday, oakland high of 70, fremont 80, three degrees warmer than yesterday. in the south bay, 79 milpitas, everybody else in the low to mid 80s. on the peninsula, hang out around 80 degree mark, redwood city menlo park south. mid 60s coast, near 70 downtown south san francisco
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and sausalito. east bay valleys everybody stuck in the 70s hercules, castro valley and fremont should touch 80. mid 80s to 90s east bay valleys around antioch and brentwood. 80s morgan hill, gilroy hollister. low to mid 70s watsonville, santa cruz. most clouds at the coast tonight patchy fog in the north bay valleys temperatures in the 50s we wake up. jet stream north going to get a slight offshore wind developing tomorrow i think it will be warmest at the coast tomorrow with the most sunshine a run at 70s. warmest around the bay thursday, friday, mid 80s warmest inland thursday through saturday low to mid 90s temperatures slowly taper back into the 80s sunday inland, 70s bay, lower 60s coast. have a great day. good morning. trouble spot in san francisco
6:52 am
if you are traveling cesar chavez on-ramp northbound 101 covered in gravel that does not bode well especially for your windshield. northbound 880 alvarado may be cleared southbound 880 before 237 debris in lanes car hit a wooden pallet that debris is scattered in lanes southbound 880 chp and cleanup crews trying to get that out of lanes traffic low in the vicinity. walnut creek headed southbound from concord towards walnut creek brake lights north main also brake lights towards highway 24, 24 is moving well until you get towards the caldecott tunnel then slow traffic as you come in towards san francisco, metering lights at the bay bridge on and traffic is sluggish on the incline section into the upper deck.
6:53 am
don't forget around mosconey and yerba buena center today traffic due to the apple reveal. millions of americans have been taking fish oil pills as a supplement a new study says those pills are not doing what they thought. americans spend 740 million dollars a year on capsules containing omega 3 fatty acids. researchers looked at 20 studies on heart health involving 70,000, they phone people who took supplements died of heart disease or stroke at the same rate as others. katie couric's premiere week continues today with heidi klum her first national interview following news of her pending divorce from seal. katie is part of our new afternoon line-up, starts 1:00 with general hospital, who
6:54 am
wants to be a millionaire 2:00, jeopardy 2:30. then katie at 3:00 and abc7 news at 4:00. here are five things to know before you go: >> number one, the u.s. ambassador to libya has been killed in a violent protest at the embassy in benghazi. we are awaiting comments from secretary of state clinton as well as the president. chris steven the ambassador is from the bay area. he's the first ambassador killed on duty, since 1979, three others were also killed in today's attacks. >> number two, fires put out a fire at a duplex in alameda this morning. flames coming from the building on pacific avenue near chestnut street around 1 a.m.. firefighters hadç to rescue a paralyzed man who was trapped inside. everyone got out safely. 15 have been displaced. >> number three, milpitas police have released photos of
6:55 am
three suspects wanted in connection with the murder of a 7-eleven store clerk. pictures are from a surveillance camera at the store on north milpitas boulevard. three entered the store, emptied the register then shot the clerk. >> number four, in about three hours, apple will unveil newest iphone in san francisco. the tech giant is expected to show off the new phone possibly with a taller screen and fasters data other products may also be revealed. >> number five, board of regents holding a public meeting to talk about the budget even if the governor's tax initiative passes the university of california will still face a 125 million dollar shortfall. one final check on weather and traffic. flight arrival delays into sfo, five minutes,. low clouds -- 53 minutes. north bay visibility of 3/4 at napa, 2 1/2 miles at
6:56 am
half moon bay. into the afternoon, more sunshine out at the coast low to mid 60s, sunny bay and inland by noon around the bay low 70s to mid 80s, mid 80s to near 90 in our inland neighborhoods today. warmer weather on the way tomorrow and friday. have a good day. bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backed beyond the west grand overcrossing towards the macarthur maze and slow on the upper deck into san francisco. update a couple of problem spots san francisco cesar chavez on-ramp covered with gravel to north 101, 880 northbound alvarado niles accident cleared to the median there, southbound 880 before 237 wood in lanes cleanup crews trying to get that out of lanes. slow traffic southbound before 237, once again that gravel in lanes at cesar chavez a bit of
6:57 am
a tough go around that area. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. abc news is standing by to cover the statements coming shortly live picture from the state department secretary of about attacks that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, someone who was a bay area native. president obama will be making a statement from the
6:58 am
good morning, i'm george stephanopoulos. hillary clinton about to speak on the death of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans. >> our u.s. post in benghazi, libya, was attacked. heavily armed militants set fire in the compound. american and libyan security american nell battled the attackers together. four americans were killed. they included sean smith, and our ambassador to libya, chris stevens. we're still making next of kin notifications for the other two individuals. this is an attack that should
6:59 am
shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. we condemn in the strongest terms this senseless act of violence and we send our prayers to the families, friends, and colleagues of those we have lost. all over the world, every day, america's diplomats and development experts risk their lives in the service of our country and our values. because they believe that the united states must be a force for peace and progress in the world. that these aspirations are worth striving and sacrificing for. alongside our men and women in uniform, they represent the best tradition of a bold and generous nation. in the lobby of this building, the state


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